Chapel of Saint Giorgio

Chapel of Saint Giorgio   ,   località San Giorgio   ,   12060   Cigliè   (CN)   Italy

The chapel of Saint Giorgio is located in Cigliè, in a small village in the Cuneo Langhe, and dominates, due to its position, on the highest hill of the village, all the surrounding landscape.

From the church square, on fine days, the view can range from the Maritime Alps to the Monte Rosa group, landscapes that stretch from the Cuneo plain to the Turin plain.

This country chapel is dedicated to Saint Giorgio and contains some frescoes inside, on the altar wall, including one depicting the Saint who pierces the dragon, saving the princess (according to the Golden Legend of Jacopo da Varagine).
We do not know with certainty the author of this fresco; could it be Antonio da Monteregale as Raineri hypothesizes ? According to other experts, it is more likely to be attributed to the "Maestro of Saint Giorgio" who worked at the time, according to several testimonies of this artist in that area. Certainly the other frescoes cannot be attributed to Antonio from Monteregale.
In any case it is worth a visit, for the extraordinary beauty of the painting and the extraordinary beauty of the place.

On either side of the altar are depicted (on the right) San Grato Bishop, protector of farmers recognizable by the head of John the Baptist held in one hand and (on the left) San Luigi King of France, according to an iconography of the late sixteenth century. The Crucifixion of the bezel is instead reduced to the essential characters and recalls the Nordic-Provençal manners. The physiognomies of the San Giorgio and the principessa are characterized by a particular softness, few frescoes in the area touch the delicacy of this painting.
The golden background of the painting cancels any depth of landscape and proposes an image of the Saint almost alienated from reality.
In 2010 the restoration of the above mentioned painting was completed (the building site è it was taken care of by the MondovìRestoration Company; and is lasted four years), bringing the fresco back to its beautiful old splendor.
Among other things, we offer you two photos before restoration and a computer reconstruction.
We remember the affinity of the painting with that of San Nicolò in Bardineto (SV).

The municipal administration, the mayor and the citizens (thanks also to the financing of a credit institution) have carried out in recent years a work of conservation and enhancement of the chapels in the area in a truly praiseworthy way and proudly show these jewels with unparalleled availability: the above mentioned chapel and the others in the area can be visited (in principle) on Sunday afternoon between spring and autumn, or by appointment.


(*Municipality website of Cigliè
(*Il giornale dell'arte


Chapel of Saint Giorgio
località San Giorgio
12060 Cigliè
(CN) Italy