Church of Nostra Signora dell'Assunta

Church of Nostra Signora dell'Assunta   ,   Via Martiri della Liberazione   ,   18013   Diano Castello   (IM)   Italy

The church of Santa Maria Assunta (called church of the Madonnetta) is a catholic place of worship of Diano Castello, in the province of Imperia, located in the beautiful and characteristic historical center.

The church is the seat of the homonymous parish of the vicariate of Diano Marina of the diocese of Albenga-Imperia.

Some of the frescoes (according to Raineri's hypothesis) inside could be traceable to Antonio da Monteregale.
A recent hypothesis by other scholars, following the restoration works, attributes these frescoes to some not yet clearly identified authors who worked in the first half of the 15th century.
The church is dated between the 12th and 13th century, while the adjoining bell tower was built in the Baroque period.
The apse is characterized by a continuous arching with corbels figured "protome", the latter typical of other places of worship of the period in western Liguria.

Other elements of the structure refer only to the Romanesque period and not gothic: the single lancet windows, the arches and the cornice above, the cross-shaped window of the tympanum and the masonry in ashlars of modest dimensions.
It has a single nave with east oriented apse.
The high facade facing the western slope of the hill has only one circular hole with a brick frame.
The access on the south side is flanked by two openings of different periods; at the top two small splayed single lancet windows with bow carved in a single block of stone give light inside.
On the opposite side there is only one access with a rectangular slate portal on which is walled a marble sculpture of the Madonna and Child.
The apse is articulated by three single lancet windows similar to those of the south side, at the top is a crowning in hanging arches supported by geometric shelves alternating with heads.
The interior is frescoed along the south wall with scenes from the life of Jesus and Mary, an imposing St. Christopher, around the triumphal arch a Crucifixion.

The church is well worth a visit, whether or not there are (or not) frescoes by Antonio da Monteregale. I ask forgiveness for some photos that are poorly defined, with little light and made a little "bias" and not frontal, but for the lack of lighting at the time of the photos and for the impossibility to take the frontal photos (for the limited zones obviously due to possible activation of the alarm system) this is the maximum result that I could get.
I also included other photos (not only frescoes), for the beauty of the representations and for the remarkable historical/cultural value.






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Church of Nostra Signora dell'Assunta
Via Martiri della Liberazione
18013 Diano Castello
(IM) Italy