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Faith and art in the city of Mondovì and in the area ...

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The history of the chapel

Brief history of the chapel based on the very little information that is known.

Photographs, documents and all news

The photographs, the village, the feast of Saint Bernard, the past and the present. A journey through memories.

The signs on the walls

The signs on the walls of the chapel. Memory of the passage of pilgrims, wayfarers and condemned to death.


The frescoes : left wall

The frescoes of the chapel on the left wall.

The frescoes : central wall

The frescoes of the chapel on the wall behind the altar.

The frescoes : right wall

The frescoes of the chapel on the right wall.


Antonio from Monteregale

Notes on the artist to whom the frescoes are attributed.

Other works of master Antonio

Other works attributed or (perhaps) attributable to the artist.

The figure of Saint Bernard

Brief hints about the life of Saint Bernard of Clairvaux.

This website wants to be a no-profit homage to art and our land

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If you have something interesting about the history of the chapel send us the material and it will be published ... thanks !

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The hypothesis : from 1473 to 1478



Revitalized colors and preserved structure



Photographs , news , publications

Why this site (and thanks)

The site wants to be a no-profit celebration of the faith, the village, art and painting of this artist, who much has achieved in the XVo century in our regions.
Since there are few news, I wanted to start collecting all the material published in all these decades by most illustrious scholars and lovers of local art to have a consultable archive for people who were interested, and of course you are asked to report any inaccuracies, as to provide us (if you want) new material. We also apologize for the many black and white photos, some of them even a bit outdated; as soon as possible with time and with the good season will be republished better photos.
A big thank you goes mainly to the late Dr. Geronimo Raineri , who has contributed in a passionate way to the study of the art of Monregalese; if this site can exist and give a lot of information is thanks to him.   I would also like to thank all those who have participated in all these years with profusion of time, effort and investment, to the preservation of the chapel and the fact that after so many years he is still here to show us his beautiful frescoes and to excite us.   That's all folks !

The author of the website